A Day In Dubai

If I am being honest the White Sands Editorial's are one of my favorite because the location speaks for itself but it holds a special place in my heart because it was one of my most successful editorials since starting my business. The colors, the models, our therapy camel Mitchell what can beat that? Well I am excited to announce that I am headed back December 05, 2021 for another epic shoot out. Due to restrictions within the park the spots will be limited and if allowed I will open more spots but for now I am only allowing 10. 

The budget for the shoot as always depends on the success of the ticket sales. At this time I am including 1 couple (Professional models), Designer gowns, 1 camel, a tablescape, flat lays and florals. Please note due to park restrictions only dried florals are allowed. 

Ticket Prices are $500.00 + tax, they are non-refundable. 

To sign up please complete the paypal link options (pay in full or payment plan) and the attendee agreement. Once you have filled out your attendee agreement please email a copy to travelingweddingswithtaylor@gmail.com

I am very excited to create with you on this project and I am looking forward to seeing both returning faces and new ones as well. 

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