I am excited to announce the PNW Adventure shoots. This package will include 3 locations for the price of $650.00 and is geared towards elopement photographers. Each location selected is easily accessible and rated as easy as far as hikes go. At each location we will have at least 1 bride and groom couple, florals, details, and will logistics allow a full tablespace. The $650.00 package includes the following locations: Sunday 06/20/21- North Cascades National Park at Diablo Lake Overlook, 06/22/21 Olympic National Park, 06/23/21 Cape Flattery and as a bonus for an additional $200.00 06/24/21 Cannon Beach. The Cannon Beach shoot can be purchased separately for $350.00. Attendee agreement for all 4 shoots or 3 without bonus shoot can be found PDF via this page. Your ticket will not be accepted until this form is filled out. Please fill this out and email to travelingweddingswithtaylor@gmail.com

Payment plans:

$350.00- Due immediately to sign up
$150.00- 2nd payment due 11/09/20
$150.00 – 3rd payment 01/09/21
If you sign up for the additional shoot your final payment will be 02/15/21 $200.00

Links to each park:


This shoot is non-refundable, if you are unable to attend you have the option to resell your ticket to another photographer. As a participant you will be required to sign a waiver of liability, nonrefundable clause, and agreement to tag the participating vendors and agreement that you will follow the rules of the national park.


Recommendations: I recommend for all locations that you bring hiking boots, water, snacks, sunscreen, and bug spray.

Once you have signed up please join the fb look:


You may email me for an invoice travelingweddingswithtaylor@gmail.com or enter deposit of $350.00 in the payment link below. 

     Payment plan option:                                                                                Pay in full: