Hello, bonjour, hola!

I am a seeker of beauty, proud wife, mother to three beautiful girls, and a son. I am a lover of adventure with a heart full of passion for fine details and all things exquisite.

I vividly remember growing up as a child and sneaking into my mother’s purse to grab her red lipstick. I would spend an hour in front of the mirror making myself feel glamorous. That feeling has never left me. At such a young age I knew I had a passion for both beauty and art.

As I grew older that passion grew and expanded into design. I have spent hours learning about color palettes, details, and aesthetics. As a makeup artist and event designer, I have traveled to the most extraordinary places and have created the perfect combination of romance and art. To make an earning doing what I love is truly a dream come true.

Let’s work together to create beauty whether it be hair and makeup on your wedding day or a breathtaking design to take your event soaring to new heights.

xoxo taylor

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