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Do you want European vibes without  leaving the country?

If so join us as we step back in time for an old-world love story titled "Love Admist Ruins". Our adventure begins at Mission San Juan Capistrano on March 2, 2023. We will have 2 model couples, couture designer attire, fine art details with a luxurious tablescape and floral installation. Our event is limited to groups of 4-5 photographers rotating for 3-4 hours. Adding a second couple will depend on ticket sales. 


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Total cost: 985.00 - 15% off $837.25 + sales tax

Final payment due 02/01/23

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Once you have signed up please join our FB group.

The inspiration

Our story is inspired by "The Rose Window" a story about a Spaniard named Pedro Huizar who was commissioned in the 1700's to carve a religious window at mission San José. Pedro worked very hard on this magnificent window only instead of it being religious he carved a monument to his sweetheart, Rosa. When the window was finally complete, he sent for her, but she died in a shipwreck on her way to New Spain. Huizar spent the rest of his life celibate and penitent, carving the religious portal above the entrance to the church. 

​Although inspired, our version will not be as tragic. Instead in our story Rosa survives and is reunited with her one true love Pedro as they celebrate the union of their beautiful romance in his beloved Spanish Missions with a ceremony near the monument inspired by her.

Check out images from our last mission shoot:

Photo Feb 20 2023, 4 08 11 PM.jpg



Mission San Juan Capistrano 

26801 Old Mission Road

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Start time: 2:30pm 

Ending time: 5:50pm 

Each photographer will be split into a group with 3-4 other photographers on a constant rotation. 

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