Client: AJ Lundine

Event date: 10/23/23

Venue: Dec on Dragon

Guest count: 120 people 

Package: silver- customized package to include sweetheart rentals- chargers, gold silverware, linen if you would like. This is free of charge, boudoir shoot in summer, Also free of charge vendor recommendation.


Silver package:
This is for the bride who has been planning since the moment she got engaged! As part of your custom package I will assist you in vendor referrals, and sweetheart rentals free of charge. As your planner I will ensure nothing falls through the cracks! Starting from 30 days out from your big day, I will start working with you and your vendor team to ensure all wedding logistics are nailed down. I will prepare a timeline for the vendors, bridal party, and will handle the reception layout. I will be with you the entire day and even help load your gifts into your car.

Payment schedule:
*Deposit: $500.00 due immediately to secure the date
*Balance due 90 days before event. 


Traveling Weddings has agreed to perform the following duties listed above in the silver package as well as add additional items listed above. The date is NOT RESERVED until both the executed contract and the non-refundable retainer or full payment have been received by Traveling Weddings. Please note the proposed contract will expire ten (10) days from the date it is prepared if the nonrefundable retainer or full payment and signed contract is not returned. Services are reserved on a first-come, first served basis. Therefore, at the time the contract is signed by both parties and the non-refundable retainer is paid, your date will be reserved for this reason, all retainers are non-refundable, even if the date is changed, if the event is cancelled, or if the CLIENTS cancel this contract. ***Please note pricing can change at any time, for this reason please return the contract within 10 days to lock in pricing.

The NON-REFUNDABLE RETAINER shall be applied to the total fees owed, provided that neither the event nor the contract is cancelled. The remaining balance owed to Traveling Weddings is due (90) days prior to the event date. The full balance can be paid in full early if client wishes. Payments are accepted via, Venmo, PayPal, zelle or via check made payable to Taylor Olivares. CLIENTS may, but are not required, make interim payments towards their final balance. My preferred payment method is via paypal invoice if possible but I can accommodate other options if needed.

Failure by CLIENTS to make the final payment as scheduled 90 days prior to the event date shall be deemed a material breach of this agreement. In the event of a material breach by CLIENTS, Traveling Weddings may cancel this agreement and be relieved
from any further obligation of performance.

Any parking, valet or toll fees must be paid by client, if applicable.

In the event T.W. is working over 6+ hours a meal will be provided by CLIENT for Taylor In the event T.W. is working over 6+ hours she will work around the reception timeline in order to ensure she is present for any major activities that require coordination. T.W. will provide a detailed timeline to the vendors + bridal party 14 days prior to the event. It is the responsibility of the CLIENT to provide T.W. with any special request to add or remove any reception activities from the timeline. If the timeline changes in anyway due to client request please notify me no less than 7 days prior to the wedding.


The CLIENT is responsible for any rental Items broken by guest, wedding party, bride and
groom or other vendors.



CLIENTS may terminate this agreement if notice of such termination is given to Traveling Weddings in the following manner: CLIENTS must send notification in writing via email, signed by the contracted party, via email, 30 days prior to the original event date. Once received I will respond within 7 days. This is the method of cancellation agreed upon by all signing parties and the only method of cancellation that will be accepted. Traveling Weddings shall retain CLIENTS retainer plus at $350.00 fee for holding a date for the client that could have been booked with another bride. CLIENTS shall be held liable for the payment of the A La Carte Value of all services provided up to the time of cancellation, in excess of the retainer, not to exceed the grand total agreed upon (collection amount + travel fees + sales tax). At the time the cancellation notice is received by Traveling Weddings via Certified Mail and the balance due under this section is paid, this contract shall be cancelled, and both parties shall be relieved from further obligation and liability. In the event that the balance due under this section is not paid by CLIENTS, Taylor may charge a $5.00 (USD) per day late fee on CLIENTS and balance until the balance is paid in full. If the balance is not paid after thirty (30) days, Taylor may send CLIENTS account to collections.


TERMINATION BY Traveling Weddings:
T.W. may terminate this agreement if notice of such termination is given to CLIENTS and in the following manner: Taylor must send notification in writing via email prior to the original wedding date. Taylor will also send an electronic cancellation agreement to CLIENTS, which must be signed by CLIENTS. This is the method of cancellation agreed upon by all signing parties and the only method of cancellation that will be accepted. Taylor will refund all payments, excluding retainer made to Taylor by CLIENTS. Once refund has been received by CLIENTS, this contract shall be cancelled, and both parties shall be relieved from further obligation and liability. Cancellation terms do not apply to special circumstances outlined below.
T.W. is not responsible for Acts of God, Natural disasters, an act of Government such as a Declaration of National or Local Emergency or other incidents not within the control of T.W.. I.E. accident, death or sudden tragic circumstance. In such circumstances T.W. will obtain a replacement coordinator to take her place. If the client does not agree T.W.
will refund the bride any amount outside of the non- refundable deposit.


Pandemic Clause:
If for some reason, a circumstance prevents the wedding from taking place i.e. (COVID-19) T.W. and the bride will work together to find a date that best works for both parties. If there is not a date that works for both parties T.W. will send an associate planner to attend in her place for the new date.


In the event that CLIENTS wedding date has been changed after the signing of this contract, CLIENTS original non-refundable retainer and any payments made will be applied to the second date if Taylor is available. In the event that Taylor is not available
for the second date and unable to send an associate planner, this contract shall be treated as void in accordance with the TERMINATION BY CLIENT provision of this contract. In the event of a date change for a destination event where Taylor is available for the second date, Taylor shall not be responsible for costs associated with the change of date. CLIENTS shall be responsible for or reimburse Taylor for all costs associated with the change of date, including but not limited to changes to airline reservations, changes to hotel reservations, and changes to local transportation reservations.

In the event that CLIENTS event location has been changed after the signing of this contract requiring Taylor to travel to the new location, CLIENTS shall be responsible for all of Taylor’s travel costs subject to the TRAVEL FEES provision of this contract. In the event that CLIENTS decline to cover Taylor’s travel costs, this contract shall be treated as void in accordance with the CANCELLATION BY CLIENT provision of this contract. In the event that Taylor is not available due to the location change, this contract shall be treated as void in accordance with the CANCELLATION BY CLIENT provision of this contract.

Taylor and Rachel shall be the sole professional hired for CLIENTS. Taylor does not object to other reasonable services occurring as long as it does not keep Taylor and staff from fulfilling this agreement.

Taylor and Rachel is limited by the guidelines of the venue and reception site managers. CLIENTS shall be responsible for negotiating deviations from the house rules. LOCATION ACCESS, FEES + PERMITS: If CLIENTS decide to book at a
location that charges for entry or requires permits, CLIENTS shall be responsible for all fees associated with the location and any member of my team, including but not limited to entrance fees and parking. CLIENTS shall also be responsible for organizing access to the location.

Taylor + Rachel and CLIENTS will collaborate in all schedules and arrangements of services to be provided. It is very important that Taylor know about key elements of CLIENTS event in advance in order to properly prepare. Any information provided and
discussed is not part of this contract nor shall such information modify this contract. During the event, Taylor & staff will work to meet all of CLIENTS reasonable requests and expectations.

Taylor expects to be treated with respect by our clients, their guests, and other vendors. In the event that Taylor feels that she is being harassed (verbally or physically), the following procedure will take place. Taylor will first notify CLIENTS of the harassment. If it happens a second time, Taylor will request that the person be removed from the premises. In the event that CLIENT refuses to remove the person from the premises or the person harassing us refuses to leave, Taylor reserves the right to leave the event. If this occurs, Taylor will not be liable not fulfilling services. In addition, no refunds will be provided.

In the unlikely event that Taylor cannot complete the responsibilities governed by this contract due to illness, death, fire, Act of God, or other event beyond control, which precludes Taylor from performing the duties of coverage, the following shall occur: Taylor will arrange for her staff member Rachel Rose to attend in her place. If the CLIENT does not accept Taylor substitution offer, CLIENTS may elect instead to terminate agreement and Taylor’s liability shall be limited to a refund of all payments with the exception of the retainer. Provided that Taylor complies with this provision, Taylor shall have no further liability to CLIENTS with respect to this agreement.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, CLIENTS agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Taylor,  including its trustees, officers, members, directors, employees, servants and agents, against loss, damages, claims, suits, liabilities,
judgments, costs and expenses without limitation, all reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses that may accrue against the indemnified party, including its trustees, officers, members, directors, employees, servants and agents which is approximately caused by the negligence or willful misconduct or any breach of representation arising from conduct, management or performance of any activities by CLIENTS, CLIENTS guests, CLIENTS agents, or by any of CLIENTS vendors. In the event any such claim is made, and upon notice from Taylor, CLIENTS and agrees to reimburse Taylor  for the cost of defending such an action or proceeding, using counsel satisfactory to Taylor this provision shall survive the termination of this agreement.

Taylor will be liable for any third party claims or incidental, consequential, or other damages brought upon by anyone other than the parties listed in this contract.


Personal use or display on social media:
Taylor allows CLIENTS and or hired vendors to tag Taylor on social
media in any photos that display the work produced by Traveling Weddings With Taylor
and or any assistance. CLIENTS have the right to refuse to allow Taylor to
post any images that display their photograph on Taylor’s website and or social media. If you are including a free boudoir shoot the images will be shared by photographers otherwise there would be a fee for their service. 


Initial below:


Allow: _______ Refuse: ________

This document contains the entire agreement and full understanding between Taylor and CLIENTS. It supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreement between the parties. Any modifications to the agreement shall be made in writing and
signed by all parties.

I agree now, and after not to disparage or defame Taylor aka Traveling
Weddings With Taylor in any respect or to make any derogatory comments, whether written online or on any social media platform or verbally, regarding Taylor or her business or operations.

Failure by Taylor to exercise any provision, right or portion of this agreement or enforce any portion of this agreement shall not be deemed a waiver of any right contained in this agreement. The agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. Any such suit shall be filed in Dallas County, Texas. No party may assign this
contract without all other parties written permission. If one clause of this agreement is found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the parties desire that the remainder of the agreement, other than the provision determined
to be unenforceable, remain in full force and effect. If there is a conflict between the provisions of this agreement and any other agreement, the provisions of this agreement will control.




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