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Our team spends hours working hard to curate new stories that have not been told. Our editorials are for photographers and filmmakers of all skill levels. While our home base is in Texas, workshops are held all over the world. We have never been afraid to break the rules, use color, unique patterns and textures. All of our creations come from our heart and soul. We are so grateful to utilize our creativity and transform it into art through styling and design, photography, makeup and editorials. New retreats are announced frequently, so keep in touch for the latest releases. We can't wait to meet you! See our reviews below!


Hall of Lights Dallas, TX 12/06/23
Race and Religious Nola, LA 01/06/24
Philbrook Oklahoma 03/05/24
Chateau Nouvelle Houston, TX  03/20/24

Love notes

"Taylor is absolutely the best! Her style is unique, and it’s always something others aren’t already doing. She did a private shoot for me, and I was finally published because of her! She truly pays attention to detail. Definitely always worth the investment."

Chelsea Farner

Taylor! I forever have our trip to thank for all of the inquiries! So thankful I attended.


Meme Crayton

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for hosting such amazing events! We always love your vision and you never disappoint. Can't wait to attend more in the future.

Candida Rodriguez Bizek

I attended Taylor’s shoot at Cannon Beach, Oregon and it was one of the most exciting styled shoots I’ve ever been to. The photos I took from that shoot have been accepted for publication and have really elevated my portfolio. Everything was taken care of before I arrived and everything ran so smooth. Taylor is so professional and really pays attention to details. Her work is luxurious and truly worth every cent you pay. Would love to wok with her again in the near future!

Jasmine Ortiz

"I have always wanted to do one of Taylors shoots, but the dates never lined up with being off work or not having my son. Well today I wanted to join and Taylor was kind enough to allow my son to tag along so that I could experience this! Just look at this magic!"

Chessica Herd

Taylor Baxter Olivares, you have truly outdone yourself! I know the trip was a struggle, but it was definitely worth it. You are one in a million and your creativity is so inspiring. Your models are troopers and were so accommodating when I know we pushed you to the limit. Thank you all for being so kind to my daughter and allowing her to stay with us, we have been so limited this summer like many other parents and she thought everyone was so kind. I have a renewed sense of confidence in my abilities when I look at these pictures and am so happy to have met all of you!

Brittany West

I went to a shoot last December. Taylor was extremely kind, her models were top grade, and she organized the event very well. I’ve never been to a shoot that actually started on time so that was a major plus for me. Overall, the thing that stood out the most to me was the quality in details and models. For once, there was a purpose in the details created. There was a story. The images I captured are emotional. I’ll never go to anyone else’s shoot this woman is one of the hardest working people you will ever meet. As long as she’s hosting, I’ll go to her productions. Thanks again Taylor!

Mario Nonya

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